Aelwyn is an aasimar woman in the Clerk's Ward.

Quest InvolvementEdit

Aelwyn's friend, Nemelle, is looking for her. See Nemelle's page for more information.

After Nemelle has been helped, Aelwyn can reveal that she knew two previous incarnations of the Nameless One, one of which was a sensate. This information can be used to access the Civic Festhall's private sensoriums without joining the Society of Sensation, since the Nameless One is technically a member already.

Interestingly, the sensate incarnation that Aelwyn knew was her lover. After his disappearance and assumed death, she saw him again. He had apparently changed a great deal, and did not recognize her. When she attempted to speak to him, he tried to kill her. She was forced to use her aasimar abilities to cause him to end his own life. Aelwyn seems to understand that the current incarnation of the Nameless One is not the same which tried to kill her; after telling him this story, she calls him "Forgetful One."


  • Good: after finding her, freely agreeing to return to Nemelle with her location.
  • Evil: after finding her, only agreeing to return to Nemelle for a reward.

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