"This glistening green tear is as hard and smooth as a pearl. When placed on the tongue, it dissolves instantly and gives the user the ability to spit forth spiraling bolts of acidic green energy at an opponent."

Effects Edit

Useable by any party member, the Adder's Tear:

Acquisition Edit

Merchants Edit

Merchants that sell Adder's Tears are:

Shop Location Stock Markup Steal Failure
Aalek's Oddities Lower Ward Unlimited 120% 45%
Gaerien's Dead Looter Booty Dead Nations 1 120% 35%
Kester Inner Curst Unlimited 125% --
Pestle and Kilnn's Apothecary Clerk's Ward Unlimited 120% 70%

Other Locations Edit

Adder's Tears can also be found in various locations, usually in containers.

They can also be given by NPCS:

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