"The Post" is a zombie used as a signpost outside of the Dustmen's Gathering Dust Bar in the Mortuary Area. Graffiti is carved all over his skin and notices are nailed into his body. Like all other zombies, he isn't aware of his fate, which may be a blessing. If asked for directions, he promptly points the way.

Conversation Edit

The Nameless One can examine the zombie, and notice that he has a Cobblestone embedded in his head. Pulling it out grants 250 XP.

The notices pinned to the zombie's body advertise a bounty for rat tails issued by the Office of Vermin and Disease Control, and a wanted notice to help Norochj in the bar.

Examining the graffiti reveals the name Pharod scratched into the zombie. TNO can ask the zombie and he will point towards Ragpicker's Square, and downwards. This grants 500 XP.

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