"I will not tell you "why" I found myself trapped in the crumbling tower of Casmus Col. Nor will I speak of the state I found myself in, or who was with me. Promises were made in the spiraling depths of the Labyrinth of Sound. Promises I intended to keep.

Instead, I will tell you of my escape from that echoing prison. 'But Krasha' you might say ' I know enough of the Labirynth to say that it is but a dark room, navigated by music rather than crude movement. Furthemore, it is deserted! One will not, for example, stumble over bands of thieving murden there as you did in your thrilling account of "The Crossing of Deep Vormask".

To this I respectfully ask you to close this book and explore the Labyrinth on your own, bereft of my guidance. You will find the melody-scarred bones of my friends still cooling there. You will stumble over the grotesque evidence of the choices I made to escape those lightless halls. And you will see how far your rudimentary knowledge will take you.

Otherwise, remain silent, and read on."

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